In the erstwhile Hyderabad State , all religious matters including endowments and wakf institutions were being administered and controlled by the Dept. of Ecclesiastical Affairs known as Umoore-Mazhabi exclusively meant for Muslim Religious affairs and Wakf.

The then Raj Pramukh (Nizam) established a Board to look-after the affairs of Wakf under the name and style of Muslim Wakf Board by notification No: 90, dt:13-1-1955 published in Hyderabad Govt. Gazette which became operational on 15th Jan'1955.

The Wakf Act 1954 was approved by the Parliament on 31st May 1954 the said Act was extended to Hyderabad on 15th Jan'55 and to the whole of the Andhra Pradesh on 1st April 1955.

There are 35,703 notified Wakf institutions in A.P., comprising 3,632 Mosques, 1,690 Dargah, 11,373 Ashoorkhanas, 7,380 Chillas, 8,371 Graveyards, 1,122 Idgahs, 359 Panjas and 1,776 others. These wakf institutions in the State have 1,33,209 Acres. of land worth Crores of rupees.

The A.P. State has the distinction of being the first State to have constituted the Board as per the new Wakf Act 1995.